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Web Release Notes: March 28, 2019

Release Notes

  • For the armchair grammarians among us, we now refer to your age of money as being “1 day” instead of “1 days.” I’m not sure how it could, but if this issue resurfaces, there’s a tried and true workaround.

API News

  • Thanks to the generosity of Taryn Phrohdoh we now have an API client library written in Rust. You can check out all the client libraries—official and community-supported—in the API documentation.
  • The documentation for our response to GET /budgets requests was incomplete. Each budget summary object also includes first_month and last_month dates. Those dates represent the earliest and latest budget months, respectively. The docs now make that clear.
  • We no longer choke on unsupported Unicode escape sequences in the request payload. Now we return HTTP 400 and error detail.
  • Fixed an issue where some transaction payees were nullified when importing multiple transactions in a single API request. Moral of the story: always reset your loop variables.
  • The GET /transactions endpoint wasn’t returning split transactions that had been converted to non-splits. Now it does.