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Web Release Notes: March 26, 2020

Release Notes

As I started writing these release notes this morning, a bird slammed into my office window…me too, buddy. Me too. Don’t worry, they’re OK. It’s going to be OK. 

We’ve got just a few visual tweaks to call out in this release (along with dozens of behind-the-scenes changes):

  • We made a visual layout change to the navigation bar in the Accounts screen. You’ll notice that the text is now on the bottom…and that Kyle runs a REALLY high balance on his credit card.
Never buy a mansion on credit.
  • We made a small change to the Payments label so that it matches the Overspending label. I lobbied to change them both to Papyrus (you know, real fancy-like, like a day spa or an Asian Fusion restaurant) but we settled on just making them not italicized.