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Web Release Notes: March 26, 2019

Release Notes

  • Creating a new category from the category field of a new or existing transaction by clicking “Add Category”, then “Save” did nothing and no new category was created. That was sub-optimal, so we fixed it. Now it creates the new category.
  • The Income v Expense Report now remembers your expanded and collapsed rows. This was our intention all along, but we wrote a bug that broke it when we converted some related code from CoffeeScript to TypeScript. To our credit, the bug was type safe.
  • If you navigated from one side of a transfer transaction to another, and that other side happened to be a collapsed split transaction, the app would hang. :sadtrombone: Now you’ll see the expanded split. :lightheartedpiccolo:

API News

  • The API Endpoints documentation has long given you the ability to quickly and easily query your data. (All you need is a simple personal access token for authentication.) We’ve tweaked the validation rules for UUIDs to prevent some false-positive validation failures. Most notably, we now support last-used for IDs, where appropriate.