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Web Release Notes: March 17, 2020

Release Notes

We’re only two and a half months into 2020 and…whoa…not great, 2020. If I were to give the year a grade, it would be just me lighting a report card on fire while tattooing “see me after class” on its arm. There’s a lot of uncertainty and stress and clearly a lot of emotions and things that are best not written in release notes. 

We really do hope that, as a budgeting app and as teachers, we’ve been able to offer you less money stress. That’s the goal. And we will continue to do everything we can to lighten the load.

In today’s release:

  • One of our Product Designers, Emily, fixed up the SVG icons for the budget bar, so they look crisper (I really wanted to write “crispier”) on lower resolution screens. SIDE NOTE: If you want to read a really well written piece on how our designers handle color in YNAB, Emily wrote a three part series on our “Semantic Color System.” It’s fantastic.
  • We fixed an issue that would occur when moving a category from one group to the other. Turns out, we were not properly updating the group totals for Budgeted, Activity, and Available. Now we do!
  • As part of our continued effort to make the web and mobile experiences more cohesive, we have updated “My Account” to be “Account Settings.” We had to make this change in multiple places, and, to be clear, it’s still your account. We haven’t taken that away from you.
  • No way…shocker…we’ve made a fix to our lovable problem child, Split Transactions!!! Now, if you split your transaction but only add one sub-transaction, we’ll create a regular transaction. This mirrors the expected behavior on mobile devices.