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Web Release Notes: March 1, 2018

Release Notes

What’s New

  • Credit card categories have long been the odd man out in the budget-category world. Styled differently and stubbornly fixed in position, they’ve not had aesthetic nor functional parity with their non-credit-card category colleagues. Well today is a day that will be widely vaunted in the annals of credit-card-category history. Credit card categories now have the same look and feel as other categories, including the ability to be moved hither and yon. We’ve also added some helpful summary amounts to category headers: budgeted, activity, and available. Not a bad day if you’re a credit card category.


  • Removing Direct Import connections got a speed boost.
  • The “There’s a new update available” page got a bit of a makeover, now linking to these release notes. Apparently we’ve “arrived”. Much love to the OGs among you who were reading these notes before we made it so strikingly obvious where to find them.