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Web Release Notes: June 28, 2018

Release Notes


  • When adding or troubleshooting a Direct Import connection and the connection is blocked, we often need to ask you to re-enter your  credentials in order to resume the process. Now, in a few of these scenarios, we will be able to restart the process by just asking you to retry, so you don’t need to re-type that random 30-characters password so often.
  • The Direct Import connection tips we released last week got some design love. Same information, just easier on the eyes.
  • We used to ignore payee rename rules for those payees you didn’t “Include on Payee List” (on the Manage Payees popover) for reasons. Now that you can manage these hidden payees from the Manage Payees popover, it’s reasonable to expect the rename rules are always enforced, so now we always enforce them.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a rare Direct Import scenario where responding to a real-time code challenge while adding a bank connection could result in an error, even though the connection continued to process in the background.

API News