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Web Release Notes: June 27, 2019

Release Notes

  • For those of you using Safari or Firefox, you may have noticed a few wonky spacing issues when scrolling in the account settings area. We tidied up the margins so you can now scroll with adequate spacing.

    PS – If you haven’t visited the settings area in a while, this could be your excuse to check it out! There’s lots of fun things to do—link your Google account, update your billing info, give the gift of YNAB, and so much more!
  • If you’ve been relying on Chrome to autofill your password, the login button would sometimes stay disabled after the email and password were autofilled, which wasn’t very helpful given that you probably set up that autofill to save yourself time! This is now fixed and you can get back to automating-all-the-things. ?

API News

We did a little bit of housekeeping on the YNAB API this week…

(actual footage from our API dev team over the last few days)
  • OAuth applications now support default budget selection so you can ask users for a default budget when authorizing and then pass in “default” in lieu of a budget_id in API endpoint calls, making things simpler in a few cases.
  • A few Delta Request improvements:
    • Delta request on /budgets/{budget_id}/accounts endpoint will now return accounts that have had balance changes
    • The /months/{month} endpoint now returns server_knowledge.
  • Marked transfer_transaction_id and matched_transaction_id as strings rather than uuid in our API spec.