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Web Release Notes: June 25, 2019

Release Notes

  • On the Net Worth report, months far in the past could get hidden, so we added a vertical scrollbar to the report so that we aren’t hiding such valuable data anymore.
  • While using shift + arrows to select multiple transactions in the register, if you reached the bottom and hit the down arrow one more time, it used to error but now it doesn’t. We even fixed using the up arrow to unselect transactions too. We even made you a silent film to show you what we are talking about:
  • Besides the two afore-mentioned items, we merged another 10 “pull requests”/”units” of work, but they are all marked as “internal”, meaning that we don’t normally talk about them here. But the author of these release notes thinks that is selling them short, so I’m going to talk about a few of them anyway! The technical folks reading this might appreciate that we:
    • Made it easier for our support teams to map a financial institution from one aggregation provider to another.
    • Fixed grammar/punctuation on a message related to expired password tokens.
    • Disabled reCAPTCHA when running automated tests. (It was easier than trying to trick Google into thinking our automated tests were human.)
    • Removed tracing from the iOS proxy generator templates. (That sounds too cool not to include it.)
    • Upgraded to Typescript 3.5.1 and upgraded RSVP to version 4.8.5.
    • Migrated to Yarn Workspaces. (We are big fans of this approach after having only used it a few days.)
    • Fixed some issues with our Docker development environment.