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Web Release Notes: June 23rd, 2020

Release Notes

You know sometimes when you’re tapping out a text and you’re trying to write “Brian” and it auto-corrects to “Brain”—and then you backspace and type out “Brian” again and it auto-corrects to “Brain”? And then you do it all a third time and throw your phone out the window because, well, just because?

We were doing something kinda like that if you imported a file with memos, undid it, and then tried to import it again. We would autocorrect to use the previous memos. Now, when importing, you get a clean slate. No more Brian>Brain swaparooski.

Also, we heard quarantine was sending people into a home improvement tizzy and we caught the bug and gave the account setup screen a little interior redesign. When you have no accounts in your budget (ha! Remember that precious moment?), you see a cute little piggy traipsing along with a bank instead of a scrawly not-on-brand-anymore treasure hunt map.

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 2 09 57 PM

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 2 00 57 PM

And one last update to wrap up our productive set:
If you usually operate in USD, and then you opened up your budget and saw 35.43$ you might cringe a little, right? Well, we were doing that to the good people of Poland and a kind Pole informed us that their currency doesn’t look quite right without a space before the currency symbol, so we fixed that:

In other wonderful news, we’ll leave you with this: the official currency of Poland is called “the zloty.”