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Web Release Notes: June 2, 2020

Release Notes

Today’s release is chock-full (which…I always thought was either “chocked full” or “chalked full”) of all sorts of YNAB-y goodness. But before I get into that, I should probably let you know about my hypothesis on where “chock-full” comes from. I spent the last minute Googling it and I’m like 99% sure a “chock” was maybe like a place in a ship. So, one day, a boat captain was pulling into port and the longshoreman person was like “aye, how much wheat do you have in there, guv’na” and the captain turns to the person in a moment of brilliance and says “aye, the boat ‘tis chock-full.” 

Speaking of boats…look what we’ve shipped today!

  • Avast! A various assortment of Budget table and Edit menu fixes:
    • If you manually added spaces to your category names they will now appear in the budget table like they used to… maybe you’re now trying to socially distance the letters in your category names?
    • The budget table will now adjust column sizes to fit better on smaller and larger screens.
    • If you have a lot of categories, the Edit > Categorize menu used to adjust too much causing it to run off the top of the screen. Now it won’t go farther than the top of the screen…what was even up there? Probably Murder Hornets, right? I don’t want to find out.
    • We fixed the colors on our “Try managing your budget with your Android” banner when using the web app while on a mobile device.
  • The Budget toolbar is now located within the Budget table to give more room to the Budget inspector. Am I the only one who is picturing like a detective sitting at a diner table messing around with tools (probably a magnifying glass) trying to figure out where a certain charge is from?
  • We fixed some display issues with the Accounts toolbar while on smaller screens.
  • For consistency’s sake, we’ve made sure all instances where we mentioned “recurring transactions” will now say “repeating transactions.” No one will ever mention the word “recurring” ever again. We’re now on team “repeating.” I’ll prove this to you now: We’re now on team “repeating.”
  • The content links on our dashboard pointed to somewhat outdated content. We’ve updated those links and prioritized the list slightly differently.
  • Lastly, just for good measure: we’re now on team “repeating.”

UPDATE: After the above release on June 2nd, we made another release:

  • If you tried to go directly to a bookmarked budget, but were logged in as someone else that didn’t have acccess to that budget, YNAB would give you an error message and tell you to reload, which give you the same error and ask you to reload… Not helpful! We’ve now fixed this.