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Web Release Notes: June 16, 2020

Release Notes

Apropos of nothing everything, I just wanted to say that Atomic Habits, a book by James Clear, kind of rules. And by “kind of rules” I mean it’s inspiring and I love it and want to marry it. In Atomic Habits, Mr. Clear shares the story of the hapless British Cycling team that had been a joke in the cycling world (deemed to have suffered from “100 years of mediocrity”…ouch) until they hired Dave Brailsford as their Performance Director.

Brailsford was relentless in finding small areas where the team could make incremental 1% changes. The team redesigned bike seats, tested and improved racing suit fabrics and rubbed alcohol on the bike handlebars…seemingly trivial stuff in the overall scheme of things. But the “aggregation of these marginal gains” eventually led to huge improvements where, in the 2008 Olympics, the British Cycling team won “60% of all medals available.” Blimey!…might be a thing they remarked about the results?

Speaking of “marginal gains,” in today’s release we:

  • Fixed the literal margins (spacing) and the hover state of transaction flags.
  • Did some work on the details of the deselect checkboxes for categories and subcategories (tightening the margins and what not…you know…the digital equivalent of putting alcohol on the bike handlebars).
  • Added a link to the documentation as to why your credit card payment category is red. Maybe not “your” credit card payment category, but if it is “your” credit card payment category, we want you to know why.