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Web Release Notes: July 9th, 2020

Release Notes

Earlier this year, we pushed out a release that was the culmination of several months of work for a team here at YNAB that works on Direct Import (AKA the ability for YNAB to connect to your bank and magically pull in transactions). We switched Direct Import providers to a company called Plaid  (a provider that connects many popular financial apps to banks) with the overall goal of making your connection to YNAB more stable. 

In today’s release, we pushed out a bunch of back-end fixes to make your bank connection (via Plaid) more stable and reliable! Also with today’s release:

  • When hovering over your available balance on a category with a goal, we show something called a “tooltip” to give you some helpful information. Well, we were not showing a tooltip for Needed for Spending (By Date) goals that have a repeat scheduled. Now we do!
  • When removing a split , we were not updating the “Amount remaining to assign” totals right away but now we do.
  • We corrected a minor issue with goals behaving inconsistently when created in future months.