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Web Release Notes: July 31, 2018

Release Notes


  • Let’s say that this morning your Linked Account was having a temporary issue contacting your bank, so you dutifully used File-based importing to bring in your latest transactions. But, you changed your mind and clicked ‘Undo’. At this point, you would rightfully expect things to be just the way they were before you imported, but instead you see 3 transactions pending import on the account. Now, Undo will really undo that File-based import on a Linked Account.
  • Tabbing to the inflow and outflow fields on Internet Explorer 11 was incorrectly landing on the calculator icon, rather than the input box. Oh, IE, how we love you.
  • Navigating in the date picker with arrow keys was just not working on Internet Explorer 11. Oh, IE, didn’t we say we loved you?
  • When editing a transaction, clicking on a date (that was not a future date) was not advancing the focus to the next field. Now it will take you to the Payee field and you’ll be on your way.
  • For categories with a Target Balance or Target Balance by Date goal, we used to show the total amount that had been budgeted towards the goal (since it was created) in the inspector. This was meant to explain the goal progress but since these goal types are based on the current Available amount for a category, this was confusing. Now, we’ll show the current Available amount right next to the goal Target amount, so you can see where you stand. Unfortunately this change will not effect your actual goal progress.
  • When trying to sign up with an already registered email (you know who you are) we’ll show a friendlier message and give you a link (nudge) to the forgot password screen.


Have you heard about our new Public API? We’ve made a few improvements to it in this release:

  • We’ve added income, budgeted, and activity aggregate values to endpoints that return budget month data (like /budgets/:id/months).
  • If flag_name or cleared fields were specified as numeric values when saving a transaction, a 500 server error would be returned rather than a 400 error. Fixed!