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Web Release Notes: July 26, 2018

Release Notes

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • On the log in, sign up, and forgot password forms, we turned off spellchecker for the email field. We probably should have done that from the get-go. Actually, we did, but we got the syntax wrong (spellcheck="false" vs. spellcheck=false), so it doesn’t really count.
  • We fixed a number-formatting bug for budgets with number formats that use apostrophes. We were displaying the character code (') instead of the apostrophe character itself. LOL
  • For Safari we fixed an issue where pressing the <enter> key on a budget field would correctly exit the field but not remove its calculator icon. Now we exit the field and remove the icon. Well, it’s not really removed so much as returned to the pile of unused calculator icons we keep off to the side, just out of view of your browser. It would be wasteful to throw them away. Calculator icons don&#x27;t just grow on trees.