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Web Release Notes: July 24, 2018

Release Notes


  • If you want to budget in Tanzanian Shillings, Barbadian Dollars, Cayman Islands Dollars, West African CFA franc, or Central African CFA franc then this is your lucky day since we now support those currencies.
  • Have you ever wondered “why is this Available amount all orange?” We’re adding some cool icons that will explain it!
  • We also added an icon that shows your goal progress at a glance. More clarity, less clicking!
  • We fixed a problem that caused us not to be able to show the emergency maintenance page if we needed to take our servers offline unexpectedly. (Instead it would show you an error, which is exactly what we were trying to avoid by showing you a beautiful maintenance page).
  • When editing or adding a transaction, pressing the Enter key on the memo field used to save the transaction. Not anymore, since now it will take you to the next field which we think makes more sense.
  • We’ll now hide the “Budget for Upcoming” button in the Quick Budget section if your scheduled transactions add up to a positive amount (or an inflow, if you will). Previously in those circumstances, that button would cause it to budget a negative value, which was weird.
  • When direct importing transactions, we used to only allow transactions starting from the last transaction reconciled date. That caused some issues with possible transactions posting with a date a few days prior to the reconciliation date, which can be common with some credit cards, so now we’ll allow a few extra days past the last transaction reconciled date to account for that.

Bug Fixes

  • Are you a Safari Full Screen mode user on macOS? Then pressing the Escape key while budgeting or entering transactions will no longer take you out of Full Screen mode.
  • We fixed a small misalignment in the inflow and outflow fields that was only visible in Firefox.
  • If you clicked the “You can fix this in your budget!” button on an overspent credit card then the app was throwing an error, this wasn’t nice so we fixed it.