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Web Release Notes: July 18, 2018

Release Notes


  • We improved scrolling performance of the Income vs Expense report for newer browsers.
  • When a category has net positive spending, meaning the total amount of spending in the category is actually a positive amount (e.g. spent $100, got $150 in refunds), we now ignore it on the Spending Reports and don’t include it in the totals/averages in the inspector. We still show it in the list of category totals in the inspector, though.
  • In the spending totals/trends transaction list, if a sub-transaction doesn’t have a payee, we default it to the parent transaction’s payee.

Bug Fix

  • We fixed a rare issue when troubleshooting Direct Import connections where we would incorrectly display a “missing translation” message at the top of the the credentials or challenges screen.

API News

  • Goal data is now returned from endpoints that include categories. Fields include: goal_type, goal_creation_month, goal_target, goal_target_month, and goal_percentage_complete.