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Web Release Notes: July 12, 2018

Release Notes

API News

  • If you don’t include a Content-Type: application/json header when you POST or PUT, we’ll respond with a helpful error message. Previously the error message was a bit cryptic.
  • If you received an access token via the OAuth flow then subsequently visited the OAuth Authorized page and did not click ‘Authorize’ (just visited), we would revoke all existing tokens. Now, we’ll only do this when authorizing the Alexa Skill.
  • Restricted Mode will not be enforced when authorizing an OAuth application you own.
  • The docs now correctly indicate that access tokens created using the Implicit Grant Flow in OAuth will expire 2 hours after creation.

Bug Fixes

  • If you deleted a payee with a renaming rule, then created a new payee and assigned it an identical renaming rule, the rule wouldn’t work for the new payee. Fixed now.
  • When creating a new payee on a different client (i.e. mobile) we weren’t adding it to the Manage Payees payee list on web. You had to refresh the page in your browser to see it. That’s suboptimal, so we fixed it.