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Web Release Notes: July 11, 2019

Release Notes

  • Could you smell what the Rock was cooking? Probably not 🙁 Anyways…Updating all of the calculated values is now 2-5x faster when said calculations need to update Age of Money. This makes up about 20% of all requests. This behind-the-scenes improvement makes the web app a little snappier when adding or updating transactions. As an added bonus, it also gives our friendly database a bit more breathing room. Whew!
  • Ever go into YNAB to do a Fresh Start and get annoyed that all of the account balances are at zero? Well, we fixed that. Linked accounts now pull in account balances and the current day’s transactions. Budgeting bliss with less distractions. That’s right, Fresh Start is no longer a chore.
  • For all of our Safari 12 users out there, we fixed an issue where some of our modals (pop-ups) were not positioned correctly. What’s even more fun is that the issue was being caused by a check that we were doing for an old version of Internet Explorer. Browsers! Who knew?!
  • A little while ago we unified our login experience in the app, but, as some of you may have noticed: the option to “show” your password characters while typing was gone after that change. But, fear not! Carlos giveth and Carlos taketh away…and then Carlos addeth the “show password” feature back into the app! Also, Carlos is one of our amazing developers who made this fix possible. Obrigado, Carlos! ??

API News

  • As a developer using the YNAB API, I’m sure you’ve come across a scenario where you only want/need “read-only” access for your app. Well, now all of you API application authors have the option of using the new read-only scope for the YNAB API inside of your app.