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Web Release Notes: July 10, 2018

Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • When deleting an account while looking at “All Accounts”, we weren’t automatically closing the popover. That’s fixed now.
  • On very small screens, the register dropdown options could sometimes block the input. Fixed.
  • Ignoring the obvious question of why? for the time being, if you create a $0 goal target, we’ll now display the goal as 100% complete. This also fixes a edge-case issue with “Payoff balance by date” goals on credit card payment categories where they were showing 0% after you made a payment on the card.
  • If you imported a transaction, reconciled it, then manually matched it to a manually-entered transaction that was not reconciled [you still with me? – ed.], the resulting matching transaction would not be reconciled. Now, if either the manually-entered or imported transaction is reconciled, the matched transaction will also be reconciled.