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Web Release Notes: January 9, 2020

Release Notes

A lot of our weekly releases are centered around bug-fixing and polishing to make YNAB incrementally better every week. Part of the challenge of some of these smaller fixes is determining user intent, which, if you think about it, can be a tricky thing to understand. No two users are the same. Green means “go,” but is green the best color for color blind users? The “Call To Action” or “Happy Path” is always on the right…unless some apps decide to put it on the left (some do). So, our goal is to communicate as clearly as possible in our UI, and also add guardrails to make sure you intended to do the thing you just did:

In this release, we made it so that the “Enter Now” option (in the Edit menu) is now disabled when editing a transaction to prevent accidentally editing a scheduled transaction you are entering now. This is because users would accidentally click on a scheduled transaction twice (going into edit mode), then using “Enter Now” they would fire off the transaction and finally save the scheduled transaction they were editing. So, the schedule transaction gets saved with the old date rather than updating to the next occurrence.

If you’re reading these release notes, we’re hoping that you intend to use YNAB forever. That makes sense, right. You love us, right? Right? Well, if you don’t and you decide to delete your account, we’ll now give you a prompt to disable Two-Step Verification (if you’ve enabled it…which, please do!). This was already necessary but we didn’t make it obvious.

API News

We know you’ve all been clamoring for more error types…wait, what? You haven’t? Oh, that might make sense. Well, we needed to add a new error type to our list. This new 503 error could be returned if we need to temporarily disable access to the API.