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Web Release Notes: January 8, 2019

Release Notes

  • If you used “Enter Now” for a scheduled split then changed back to the originally scheduled date, you could end up with duplicate splits in some situations. We fixed that.
  • If you tried linking the Alexa Skill from an iOS 11 device, you would end up on the My Account screen, mysteriously. That’s not right so we fixed it. It’s actually an upstream bug, but it’s relatively easy enough for us to work around in our code.
  • We used to allow imported transactions to be matched with balance adjustments and starting balance transactions. That’s wrong so we stopped doing it.
  • We fixed a bug where a scheduled transfer from a credit card account to a tracking account would not correctly show up as an upcoming transaction in the quick budget section of the budget inspector nor change the category to orange. All better now.
  • Fixed a rare issue with linking accounts and downloading transactions.

API News

  • We had some issues with how we were handling the month URL segment. It only worked when you passed in the first of the month (e.g. 2018-12-01) Otherwise, you’d get an error. Now you can pass in any valid day of the month (e.g. 2018-12-17) and we’ll handle it properly.
  • If you pass in an invalid value for the month URL segment, we’ll return a more helpful error:

HTTP 400 Bad Request
"error": {
"id": "400",
"name": "bad_request",
"detail": "invalid date"