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Web Release Notes: January 3, 2018

Release Notes

What if we all work for Callister? Takes a bit of the shine off the new year, doesn’t it?


  • Safari 11 news: Previously Safari didn’t support naming the file that gets downloaded when you export your budget. Safari 11 now does, so you’ll get a properly named zip file for your efforts.

Bug Fixes

  • Apple subscription statuses are now more fresher freshier up-to-date.  If things are copacetic with your Apple subscription you should be good to go accessing the software. Apologies to the small number of YNABers for whom this wasn’t the case.
  • If you had two similarly named categories in different category groups, moving money would accidentally select the wrong category in some cases. Now it selectively selects the category you’ve selected, pickled peppers notwithstanding.
  • Firefox 2 news: Setting a custom timeframe in the reports filters would jump around unexpectedly. Dragging an amount from outflow to input would crash. Both fixed. (Maybe now would be a good time to upgrade? Unless, of course, you’re still running Windows 98 or NT 4.0, in which case we’ve got you covered.)
  • We fixed a borked link in the old on-boarding flow. Precious few of you still have the old on-boarding so feel free to not care about this one.