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Web Release Notes: February 7, 2018

Release Notes

Not many public-facing updates today. Sorry. To atone for this dearth of real release notes, let’s take a quick peek behind the dev curtain. Here are some of the commit messages for the workaday updates that went out today:

  • <redacted> integration: 1st pass to start internal testing
  • papi: some new feature requests implemented
  • papi: Some minor scheduled transaction improvements
  • only exclude Recurly requests from Recurly throttle bypass
  • Remove .only from test and fix FOTM test failures
  • Track inline calculations on the soon to be old inline calculator
  • vscode: formatOnSave false by default, true for specific languages
  • Do not allow import txn to transfer if it matches
  • Set higher lock/statement timeouts when running migrations in heroku
  • Revert “Dirty form tracking: Do not disable by default”
  • Remove Transaction event handlers

Now that we’ve given the casual release-notes skimmers a false sense of there being substance here, let’s move on to the actual release note. Singular.

Bug Fix

  • If you edited an unapproved, matched transaction via the “approve” popover (by clicking the chain icon, then the “Approve” button in the popover), and then clicked the “Approve” button in the transaction row, an error message was displayed. A bit of a mess, so we fixed it.