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Web Release Notes: January 21, 2020

Release Notes

Today we’ve released a handful of infrastructural changes along with a nice, little fix to our API…which, have you heard of our API? It’s pretty neat. It allows developers to do cool stuff like create connections for Australian bank accounts or get your Roomba to chase you around your house when you don’t budget enough in your household expenses category (this might not be possible). Basically, it allows developers outside of YNAB to create tools that interact with other public-facing API’s. Here’s what we fixed with the YNAB API in today’s release:

API News

When using the PATCH on the /budgets/{budget_id}/transactions endpoint to update multiple transactions, we allow you to specify either the import_id or the id of the transaction to update. But, if you specified an import_id and null for the id (rather than omitting id from the object) we would not save the transaction. Fixed!