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Web Release Notes: January 15, 2019

Release Notes

  • Page titles got some love. They’re more reflective of what’s happening on a given page (e.g. “Income v Expense Report | [Budget Name] | YNAB”). Bookmark them all, then brag to your friends.
  • We recently pushed up some changes to ‘Enter Now’ to prevent it from duplicating sub-transactions in rare situations. Unfortunately, those changes inadvertently broke Enter Now for people who had already used it for a scheduled date and later deleted the transaction. It’s now working as you would expect: If you delete a transaction created by a previous use of Enter Now, then use Enter Now again, we’ll create another transaction.
  • A while back we addressed some issues with Spending Reports, particularly how we handle net positive spending, where a category group has more inflows than outflows for a particular month. Unfortunately, we missed the mark a bit, causing some confusion. Now we plot net inflows (as negative values), and you can more clearly see how all the numbers add up.

API News

  • PATCH is now supported on the /budgets/:id/transactions collection to allow bulk updates. Also, import_id can be passed in lieu of id to update an existing transaction with that import_id.
  • Updated a few error responses for consistency.