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Web Release Notes: January 14, 2020

Release Notes

Have you ever been sitting in a waiting room somewhere when you notice a picture is just slightly off center, but you didn’t want to stand up in front of a room full of people and adjust the picture so you just sat with your head tilted until it was your turn? Well, if you split a transaction the “remove” button was sort of like that off-centered picture you just couldn’t adjust.  We fixed it, so now there’s no need to tilt your head to keep the button aligned. 

Also, before today we made clicking the “c” button to clear a transaction really unclear–you had to click right on it to get the transaction to change clear statuses. Now, we fixed it so when you click near the symbol in that column it clears. No more squinting and fighting with your mouse to get it to work. Isn’t that perfectly clear? 

Finally, if you’ve ever used YNAB on a small screen or in a smaller window and struggled to scroll on a report and noticed a scrollbar missing or disappearing, we fixed that too, because that’s how we scroll.