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Web Release Notes: February 6, 2020

Release Notes

They say that “the devil is in the details,” but they also say that “the devil went down to Georgia,” so unless that dude is cloning himself (we’re all in trouble, if that’s the case) my money is on Georgia. Because this week’s release gets well into the details, and the devil is definitely not in those details, but you know what is? Split transactions. Here are the details on those details:

Previously, if you had a split transaction with a search that partially matched one of the sub-transactions of the split, the bulk Edit > Categorize action would unsplit the transaction and delete all your sub-transactions. Now it only categorizes the transactions you have selected and will only unsplit the transaction if you have all of the sub-transactions of the split selected.

Warning: Budgeting professional at work here. Do NOT change your “Water” to “Electric.”
The results may shock you.

P.S. Look alive, Georgia…[fiddle starts playing]