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Web Release Notes: February 27, 2020

Release Notes

We fixed some rare, but important bugs!

  • Let’s say you have a split transaction, and one of the split entries is a transfer to a “tracking account”, and you were to go into the tracking account and change the amount. With me so far? Well, we used to let you do that. Unfortunately, that could throw off the amount of the entire split transaction, which would cause other trouble down the line. So, we don’t let you do that anymore. If you need to change the amount of that transfer, do it from the split transaction instead please.
  • Here’s another one: Let’s say you moved money between “To Be Budgeted” and another category in the iOS app in January, your very first month of blissful budgeting! Now let’s say you didn’t like that month and deleted all the data because you finally figured this stuff out and wanted February to be your “first month”. Well… we wouldn’t let you have that Win. We’d always remind you of that time you spent in January. Specifically on the web app, reports would still show January, even though you had no data in there. We’ve corrected this issue with the data and fixed the bug in iOS that caused us to have the bad data. (That iOS fix will roll out at a later date).
  • The “Spent Last Month” Quick Budget button was incorrectly incorporating activity from Credit Card Payment categories when viewing all or multiple categories. No more! Now, “Spent Last Month” will only include regular category spending and not count Credit Card Payment activity as “spending”.
  • PS: A developer wrote these release notes instead of our regular, much funnier author. You will be relieved to know that our release notes will once again be full of animated gifs and much funnier jokes for our release next Tuesday!