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Web Release Notes: February 21, 2018

Release Notes


  • When renaming a payee on the Manage Payees modal we were reseting the scroll position of the payees list on the left. This was confusing so we stopped doing it.

Bug Fixes

  • Creating a credit card account without direct import could generate a starting balance one day in the future. Or, time zones are hard. Whatever your choice, it’s fixed.
  • In the process of background-syncing direct import connections ( e.g. when you first open YNAB) we were incorrectly showing the “needs attention” message under those connections until the process was complete. In an effort to “give you your space” and be “less needy” we now wait until the import is complete before displaying messages for the connections that actually need your attention.
  • If your browser autofilled email/password on the forum sign-in page, the “Sign In” button would still be disabled. Now it will be enabled.
  • Payee search used to be too permissive, matching section headers. For example, if you searched for “pay”, looking for a payee with “pay” in its name, we would return all payees under the section header “Saved Payees”. Payee search is now more discerning.