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Web Release Notes: February 20, 2020

Release Notes

Today we released a few stability fixes having to do with how we handle credit cards on the backend. Also, is Ember the color or your energy? Because we upgraded to Ember 3.2, which includes significant performance and security improvements throughout the app.

There are two improvements that you’ll see in your Accounts screen as well. One of them is pretty straight-forward and one of them might require you to put on another pot of coffee to explain. We might be here awhile:

We had a little currency po-tay-to v. po-tah-to thing going on that we fixed. But first, no one says “po-tah-to.” If you hear someone say that, just know that you may be talking with some kind of incognito alien character straight out of Men In Black. You’ve been warned. But, onto the currency fix:

For a lot of currencies (like USD), using “.” as a separator is the standard. Some use a “,” (like Euros) but for others, using a “/” is the way to go. Now, was I able to successfully Google which currency uses a “/”? Nope. But they exist, and now YNAB will allow users to use this formatting ($99/99) in the register!

Yes, we’re using the dollar sign in this example, but pretend it’s like whatever they use in Luxembourg, but also pretend like they don’t use Euros there.

Lastly, we made a fix to split transactions. And if it seems like we’re always making fixes to split transactions, it’s because we are. They’re complicated. If anyone out there is thinking of making a YNAB clone, and you decide that you’re going to add split transaction functionality…good night and good luck.

Previously, if you created a split transaction with a transfer sub-transaction, then used the Edit menu to categorize the split, it would orphan the transfer transaction. Now, categorizing will skip over the transfer transactions unless it’s to a tracking account. Are you confused? I am. But I have faith that there are YNAB power users out there right now fist-pumping and doing the Macarena because we finally fixed this bug. You are welcome, YNAB super-geniuses of the world.