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Web Release Notes: February 14, 2018

Release Notes


  • We’ve updated the code behind keyboard shortcuts so they, once again, work as expected. KeyboardEvent.keyCode is deprecated and some of our key mappings based thereon started failing in latest Chrome. We now use the de rigueur KeyboardEvent.key, falling back to KeyboardEvent.keyCode for browsers of advanced age.
  • If you have a bunch of payees, we’ll only show the first 100 (sorted alphabetically) when editing a transaction, though you can still easily search for others. Paring down this list gives a tremendous performance increase to those with a plethora of payees.

Bug Fixes

  • In days of yore, clicking on a transaction memo would launch the transaction editor with the memo selected. You couldn’t delete or edit it, or even get a cursor to appear, by mouse-clicking. Only if you used the arrow keys. Fixed now.
  • In the budget view, selecting the same month in a different year did nothing. Now it switches to the proper month and year, as any reasonable person would expect.
  • If you had a transaction on the first of the month, then selected that month as the beginning of your spending report date range, that transaction would be omitted from the CSV export. Fixed.
  • If you untoggled “Include in Payee List” for a payee under “Manage Payees” then later deleted that payee, we would still show it as “hidden” when searching for payees when editing a transaction. Silly mistake. Fixed.