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Web Release Notes: December 4, 2018

Release Notes

Using a fork or your hands, gently split the Release Notes in half.

  • For a long time now we’ve “rolled the calculations” before the first of the month (or FOTM, affectionately) for your most frequently accessed budgets. This makes them load more quickly after the transition to the next month. We’ve now got things dialed in on the server side so we’re expanding the pre-calc behavior so it includes less frequently access budgets as well. Essentially, we pre-calc all budgets now so they’ll all load more quickly. (I suppose I could have just gone with that last sentence, but I wanted to provide context. Context makes it more interesting, right? At least it does so for writing release notes, if not reading, which ain’t nothin’.)
  • We’ve resolved a quarrelsome popover situation where two popovers could appear when editing a transaction then hovering over a Direct Import status. We all know there can be only one. DI status wins.