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Web Release Notes: December 31, 2019

Release Notes

Oh, man. 2020, y’all. It’s coming. Tomorrow. So, tonight the main question on everyone’s mind is “should old acquaintance be forgot?”…you know, like, from the song that everyone sings on New Year’s Eve and is kind of unclear what it’s talking about? 

Well, we can’t answer that question (we have no idea who the old acquaintance in question is…maybe we forgot them already?) but we didn’t forget to fix a small bug that occurred where if you had a By Date Goal and the target date had already passed, we weren’t letting you save changes to a category. We fixed it, because the past is the past…and speaking of: we hope your 2019 was amazing. 

Let’s make 2020 the year you reach all those lofty #moneygoals! For Auld Lang Syne, fellow YNABers, For Auld Lang Syne!!!!