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Web Release Notes: December 3, 2019

Release Notes

Ah. Can you feel it in the air? That crisp December air is setting in and we all know what that means…a YNAB bug-fix release! Just us? Fine. I’m not sure I even know what “crisp” air is supposed to smell/feel/taste like. It’s air. Not an apple. Are people trying to eat air? Don’t eat air. It’s just a thing we say. Anyway, here’s a few nice, little bug-fixes to our onboarding:

  • We fixed an issue where “Adding a Savings Account” onboarding was not triggering properly. You could say we “saved” the day here…but should you say that?
  • We made it so that when a new user tries to exit out of onboarding by pressing the ESC key, it no longer throws an error. It also doesn’t kick an error or do anything having to do with an error. Just wanted to make sure we’re clear that we didn’t do a half-measure here.