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Web Release Notes: August 9, 2018

Release Notes

A few release note poems for your enjoyment,
to go along with today’s deployment:

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • When reordering your budget categories in Safari,
    dragging it out of view didn’t scroll, sorry.
    Now as you drag your category to the bottom or top,
    your categories will scroll so you can choose where to drop.
  • In Safari the keyboard shortcut Cmd + Shift + N,
    opens a new private window so your internet adventure can begin.
    We used to take over that shortcut to add a new transaction,
    now instead Ctrl + Shift + N or more simply Ctrl + N will handle that action.
  • Clicking the status icon of a linked account,
    no longer causes the information popover to dismount.
    Also while that popover is shown,
    pressing escape will make it leave you alone.