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Web Release Notes: August 7, 2018

Release Notes

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • If viewing a category in a month before a goal was created, we used to show a goal progress indicator that was blank. And no progress could be made because you were in a month before the goal was created. Now, we’ll display the category as if a goal hadn’t been created (because it hasn’t, at least not in the prior month).
  • Also, our new shiny available amount goal progress indicators were incorrectly showing on categories in months before any goal was created. Now they will not show in previous months. Kind of like finally fixing that mystery light in your car’s dashboard.
  • Fixed an issue where the categories dropdown would highlight multiple categories, no big deal.
  • If you imported a transaction, split it and then later matched it to a manually entered transaction (phew!), the splits from that imported transaction would forget to take that left turn at Albuquerque and show up in the activity for a category. We gave it better directions and a few carrots for the road.
  • Shifting gears to the register, holding down shift and pressing up/down let’s you select mutliple transactions. This used to work but we broke it but now it’s back. By the way, how do you say “mea culpa” if it’s more than one person’s fault? Wea culpa?
  • While the register hood was open, when selecting a transaction other than the first transaction, then holding down shift and selecting a transaction further down on the list to accomplish multi-select, all transactions from the first row would be selected rather than only those starting from the row you initially clicked. Fixed.
  • shift+click for transaction multi-select would not work if you held down shift and clicked another transaction checkbox. It would work if you clicked on another transaction row but if you clicked on the checkbox of a transaction, it would not multi-select. Fixed. Try not to wear out your shift key trying out all these shift key fixes.
  • Fixed an incorrect back navigation that was available when linking an account or managing connections, and no connections were available yet because nobody wants to back into that.
  • If you updated a budgeted amount and then pressed up, down or tab we would move the focus to an adjacent category but not update the budgeted amount. The available amount would update and navigating back would show the update so it was being saved but it was a display glitch.

API News

  • If using PUT or POST on /budgets/{id}/transactions to create or update a transaction and you specified an import_id (to mark it as imported), we will now return a 409 status code if another transaction with the same import_id already exists on the target account. Previously we would return a 400 error but hey, at least it wasn’t a 418 error because seriously, have you ever tried brewing coffee in a teapot?