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Web Release Notes: August 30, 2018

Release Notes

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • We now display a proper minus sign (Unicode U+02212 for the pedants among us) for negative amounts. It’s longer than a hyphen, easier to see, and technically correct (again, for the pedants among us).
  • Moving a reconciled transaction to a different account can bring the reconciliation out of balance. We now show a warning before saving such changes.

API News

(Learn more about our API.)

  • Previously we re-issued existing access tokens for subsequent application/user requests. This was problematic for apps with multiple clients because once a refresh token was used by one client, all the others would no longer be able to get a new access token from the refresh token because it was now expired. This issue is fixed now, as we issue a new access token for each request.
  • If any of the current month values for a category (budgeted, activity, balance, etc.) have changed, a delta request will now include that category in the top-level categories array, provided the last_knowledge_of_server dictates the client should know of the change. Previously, only changes to the category itself would trigger its inclusion.