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Web Release Notes: August 27, 2019

Release Notes

Today’s release contains quite a bit (well over a dozen different merges) of behind-the-scenes structural pieces for bigger features and improvements we are working on, but there are two bug fixes that some of our users will notice:

  • We fixed a login issue that occurred for some of our users stating that there was a “server error,” when, in fact, there was no server error and now there will be no message stating that there was a server error, because there wasn’t one to begin with…it seems like I could have shortened this explanation…oh, I’m still going, am I? I’ll stop now. OK, now. Moving on…
  • Splitting transactions is so huge for really getting granular with your budget. Who among us hasn’t bought socks and bread in one single Target run? Just me? Normally, when you add a transaction and then split the transaction in the Category field, the cursor automatically focuses on the next field to fill out: the Memo field. When you go to edit a transaction and change it to a split, the cursor was not focusing on the Memo field. That doesn’t make a lot of sense. But we’ve now fixed that issue: