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Web Release Notes: August 23, 2018

Release Notes

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • The available balance shown in the inspector for an underfunded goal had a yellow pill with a green pill inside of it! No more!
  • In other inspector news: upcoming scheduled transactions from closed or deleted accounts are not going to show up there anymore.
  • With our continued quest to improve the register performance, we made it faster to scroll through transactions using the browser scrollbar.
  • Deleting a category just got a little bit easier: now you don’t have to click an extra confirmation modal. Not that we want you to delete all your budget categories, but simplifying things a bit always feels good.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking a credit card payment category could cause a crash if your last payment was part of a split transaction.
  • When filtering out some categories in the Spending reports, the breadcrumbs weren’t updating correctly and kept showing “All Categories”. Fixed!

API News

  • When creating or updating a transaction, we used to allow dates to be date-“ish” and attempted to parse them. However, some formats were passing this validation but resulted in a 500 server error when saving the transaction. Now, we’ll require transaction dates to be ISO formatted (2018-08-23) to keep things simple and consistent.