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Web Release Notes: August 22, 2019

Release Notes

We were so excited to get this release out, we may or may not have actually released it yesterday…we may never actually know. But here’s what we do know…this release contains the following fixes and improvements:

  • Fixing a number of scrolling issues in the Income vs Expense Report – The consistency and feel of scrolling in the Income vs Expense Report has always felt a little off. With this release, we’ve made a few tweaks to make scrolling much sleeker and much more pleasing to the eye. *singing off-key* “You can scroll your own waaaaaAAAAAaaaayyyyy!!!!”:

  • Performance boost from changing how we handle currency formatting – We’re always looking for ways to make YNAB even faster. In this release, we made a small change to one of the functions we use for currency formatting that netted a decent performance gain throughout the app! Vrrooom vrooom…you know…speedy things.
  • New CSV import doodle – When most people think of importing CSV files, the first word that comes to mind is probably “fun,” right? No? Just us? OK, well, we decided to bring, at least, a little amount of fun to importing CSV’s with this fun, little, YNABy doodle:

API News

Our PATCH /budgets/:id/transactions endpoint partially modifies the collection of transactions. In REST design, patching is used to make partial updates to collections and resources. Some of our API users expected this endpoint to also allow patching individual transaction resources within the collection. Well, now you can. For example, to set a Red flag on 3 transactions you could send a request body to PATCH /budgets/:id/transactions containing:

transactions: [
  {"id": "9d3bc63a-9942-4809-9cd2-d23069ac2b58", "flag_color": "red"},
  {"id": "77f3a961-a406-4dcc-8209-e90734b185ef", "flag_color": "red"},
  {"id": "4c42fdc7-0369-4e20-b150-508cdc0f35fd", "flag_color": "red"}

Previously, you would have had to provide the entire transaction representations (amount, date, etc.) to make these updates.