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Web Release Notes: August 21, 2018

Release Notes

What’s New

If you use File-based import, your bank might be sending transactions with dates formatted in such a way that causes them to appear off by one day when imported into YNAB. We’ve added a new option called “Adjust to local time” to address this when importing a file, which converts the transaction dates to your local timezone. You’ll be able to see a preview of the effect on the transactions prior to importing when selecting this option, so you can see if it will help fix this “off-by-a-day” annoyance.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • When making a split transaction recurring, we weren’t honoring the order of the sub transactions. It turns out, sub transactions in random order don’t look so nice in the register, so we now preserve the original order.
  • We fixed the little dot indicator for the currently selected month on the Budget screen, it was floating around but is now back to doing the work it’s meant to.
  • Fixed some styling for the Activity and Available amounts of the Hidden Categories. Now they look like all the other categories.
  • Another small tweak to our login page that should help password managers fill & submit the form.