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Web Release Notes: August 20, 2019

Release Notes

Who’s ready for “Back to School?” Ready or not, It’s that time of year, so let us take you to school with some of the fixes and features that we just rolled out:

  • Transfer payee name update fix – Did you know that when you import transactions and change the payee name on one of them, all other unapproved transactions from the same imported payee name will be updated to match the new payee name? Magical, right? And it’s convenient too, because you probably want to update all those other transactions’s payees too! When updating the payee and changing it to a transfer payee, however, we were not creating the other side of the transfer, which caused transfer orphans. Not great. This is fixed now.
  • Costco CitiBank card initials removal – Really getting into the weeds with this one. When transactions were coming through to the accounts of YNABers who used their Costco CitiBank card, the cardmember’s initials were getting prepended to the payee. “Who is HW-Costco? Do I own Costco now?” Yeah. We think that looks weird too, so we put in a fix to remove those pesky prepended initials (I wish there was a “p” word for initials to complete the alliteration trifecta).
  • Wide screen budget table alignment fix – You know the feeling. You go in to reconcile and something is off. And it’s just off by a few cents. If it were off by twenty dollars, or a specific, larger amount, you could do some quick detective work and solve it. But when it’s just slightly off, it’s almost worse. The same is true for the layout of the Budget screen. What if the decimal places were off…just by a little…like so?
    Yikes! Well, this was the case for users with screens wider than 1600 pixels. But it’s not the case anymore. We reconciled the pixel differences and we’re feeling good about it now.
  • Activity modals (pop-ups) not using the same sorting method – Not sure how many of you noticed this in the past, but there were some slight inconsistencies to how some of our activity modals were sorting transactions. But we’ve now went back and made sure all activity modals are now sorting using the same order: date (descending), account name (ascending), payee name (ascending), amount (ascending), entity ID (ascending). Pay attention. This will be on the quiz later.