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Web Release Notes: August 2, 2018

Release Notes


  • When adding or editing a transaction, if you opened the Manage Payees window and changed the “Automatically categorize payee” option, we’ll go ahead and update the transaction you are working with because that’s probably why you updated the setting in the first place.
  • Credit Card Payment categories can now show underfunded warnings for scheduled credit card payments. That means if you have a credit card payment scheduled in your credit card account, you’ll see a warning on the budget screen if your payment category doesn’t have enough money! (This will only apply for new or newly updated scheduled payments so if you want these warnings to start showing up on your budget, deleting and recreating the scheduled payment is your ticket.)
  • More hotness for Credit Card Payment Categories: We’ve significantly improved the performance when clicking on a Credit Card Payment Category where the corresponding account has many transactions.
  • When hovering over the Available amount of a category with a “Target Balance by Date” goal, we would show a helpful tooltip explaining the progress of your goal but we were showing some <notsohelpful/> characters too. No more!
  • We fixed a minor alignment issue on the inflow/outflow inputs when editing a transaction. It was only happening on Internet Explorer 11 and Safari and fairly difficult to notice, but our keenly observant users are the best. We’re going for pixel perfection here folks.
  • We have added reCAPTCHA when connecting to an institution as an added layer of security and to make sure you are a real, living, breathing, human being.


The “Internal Master Category” category group contains categories that are not displayed on the budget directly. Two of these have been renamed for clarity:

  • Immediate Income -> “To be Budgeted”
  • “None” -> “Uncategorized”