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Web Release Notes: August 16, 2018

Release Notes

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Keyboard shortcuts FTW. You can now navigate the “move money” and “cover overspending” popovers using the <enter> key. Pressing <enter> will move to the next field, or save when all fields are valid.
  • We now show pretty institution logos on the list of popular institutions when adding a linked account.
  • Marginally improved category deletion performance and made it easier to select a category you want to re-categorize.
  • When deleting a payee and choosing a new payee to change the old transactions, you now have the joy of a plain old select dropdown, rather than the functionally decayed dropdown we had before. Same for choosing an account and date format during file based imports. (I wish I could take credit for the deliciously evocative “functionally decayed” phrasing, but that’s all Chris. Ed.)
  • We fixed an issue with the date filters in the register where switching between a custom date range and a suggested one was not working correctly.