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Web Release Notes: August 13, 2019

Release Notes

When looking at the code we just pushed today, it’s amazing to think that YNAB started out as an Excel spreadsheet with some fancy macros. Back then, bug fixes were probably things like, “Font testing was a bust. Reverted font-style from Comic Sans back to Arial.” But now that YNAB is loaded with features and available on Web, Android and iOS, we have to squash some super edge-casey bugs. Check out this fix that went out today:

When confirming a user’s email change, we will now automatically assign any existing, unredeemed YNAB gift subscriptions that were sent to this new email address. Complicated and confusing, no? Let’s walkthrough the scenario where this applies:

You buy your cousin, Kim, a YNAB gift subscription for her birthday and gift it to [email protected]. Cool. But Kim already has a YNAB trial account under her other email: [email protected]. Hmmm…well, she won’t get that gift subscription as it is tied to that other email. So, the gift subscription would just sit in gift limbo with that picnic basket you bought your newlywed friends 8 years ago. With today’s fix, when Kim goes into YNAB and changes her YNAB account email to [email protected], that gift subscription you bought her will now apply to her account and Kim will have her shiny, new YNAB subscription you gifted her.