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Web Release Notes: August 8, 2019

Release Notes

At YNAB, we work in six week cycles, and our current cycle is about to come to an end. So this release is most likely the calm before the storm of some more major releases in the weeks to come.

We pushed out a handful of internal structural changes to support upcoming features, BUT we also pushed out a seemingly smaller fix that you might notice: YNAB will now treat “Check No.” and “Check #” the same for payees. Hopefully, you’ll have # more problems when transactions go back and forth between the two…wait…did I do that right?

API News

Our API supports Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) which means you can call the API from within a web browser directly. But, we had something misconfigured and we were not allowing PATCH requests. This has been fixed so you can now patchy patchy ’til your heart is content on the /v1/budgets/default/transactions endpoint to update transactions directly from a browser.