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Web Release Notes: April 9, 2019

Release Notes

  • We’ve added a “finishes” date to Target Category Balance by Date goal progress. Now you can easily see when your goal will be finished, which wasn’t quite as discoverable before.
  • In certain cases when importing large numbers of transactions, the logic could go off the rails, incorrectly matching or not matching other transactions. Fixed now.
  • In a recent change, we improved how your search is saved. This caused a new bug where the old bug would reappear if you cleared out your search, once again putting you in a situation where you could never really clear your search. We’re gonna call this one “fixed” again and hope it sticks.
  • In rare cases, the list of accounts was ordered differently in the Payee dropdown for individual transactions compared to the main list of accounts on the left. Now they are both ordered like the main list of accounts on the left.