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Web Release Notes: April 8, 2020

Release Notes

Oh, hey. For those of you who are keeping score at home (and we’re all at home) we normally ship out our bug-fixes and improvements to YNAB on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But today is a Wednesday…or is it? It probably is, but there’s no reliable way of knowing. Either way, we’ve got a few fixes that we just pushed out to make your YNAB experience even better:

  • Most importantly, we fixed an issue that we caused that made it so that clicking “Show all hidden categories” was not actually unhiding hidden categories…so there was that. Those categories should be able to come out of hiding now.
  • In some cases where direct import connections/accounts were going into an error state, we weren’t properly reflecting when they last tried to sync. Basically, the “last updated” timestamp wasn’t reflecting reality. Fixed.
  • We made a minor (or major…hey, the glass is half full, Brady!) improvement when sorting by category: We will now group “Category not needed” and “This needs a category” transactions together.
A thing of beauty…if you don’t like category names, I guess?
  • We made another minor/major improvement so that now, when you click inside the grid container / register area (white space), we will flash the editor if you are currently editing a transaction and have made changes. If you have not made changes we will close the editor. Previously we only did this when clicking on another transaction. This is how it now looks / works:
We don’t like to showboat, but this change is pretty flashy