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Web Release Notes: April 7, 2020

Release Notes

I’m sure you remember some of the little bibelots (knick knacks? Chachkies? You know, the junk that your parents hang on the wall) from your parents or grandparents house growing up. My dad got into computers pretty early and the pièce de résistance that he had hanging right above his computer in his office was a cartoon picture of a terrified guy getting covered with dot matrix printer paper while a computer malfunctioned. Above it, there was a huge block of text that read:


Over the years, I’ve heard more colorful versions of that saying, but in today’s fixes, we’ve fixed some human err(or)s that your computers eventually really fouled up:

  • In a previous release, we fixed a bug that allowed users to create duplicate categories when one was hidden. That fix unfortunately also prevented users who already had duplicate categories from saving goals on them. To fix this, we now do duplicate name validation of categories when the category name is being modified.
  • Ever clicked and highlighted the “Some transactions are hidden by filters” text at the bottom of the transaction list when you have filters on? [crickets] Neither had we! But some brave soul did and it apparently causes an error. It was as surprising to us as it was to them. But hey, we fixed it! To those of you about to click (on pretty much everything) we salute you!
  • Changing the flag on a scheduled transfer would sometimes not update the flag on the other side of the transfer. Now that “sometimes” has been turned to “no times(?)” and we’ve fixed the issue.