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Web Release Notes: April 27, 2020

Release Notes

It probably goes without saying, but importing transactions from thousands of banks into YNAB accounts is no small technical feat. We’ve only had the direct import option available since 2016, and it’s been an ADVENTURE, y’all. And this is a part of YNAB that we’re always working to improve. But this past week, a core team here at YNAB (and by “here,” I mean Earth, I guess, because we’re remote, so the team spans multiple countries) reached a major milestone in what we hope will bring a major improvement to direct import for YNAB.

Last week, we began porting several thousand YNABers over to our new direct import provider, Plaid. In order to do so, this small team had to design, develop and execute a transition plan that included new UI/UX flows and all sorts of contingencies for “what if” scenarios during the migration. And we’re not out of the woods yet, but things have gone swimmingly…or maybe even amazing. We’ll let you pick a fitting superlative here. 

Anyway, after long hours (which are rare here at YNAB) and tons and tons of quality work, this crew threw a “Plaid Pizza Party”…where the “pizza” is kind of up for interpretation:

It looks like Carlos found the first box that said “Pizza” at the grocery store, Chris ordered the Pizza of the South, AKA Fried Chicken from Zaxby’s. Dylan had $0.00 in his Dining Out budget, but he had enough points to order out (we practice what we preach, yo) and Jannelle whipped up a homemade version with tortillas and spaghetti sauce. I wish you all could understand exactly what went into all of this. This crew rocked it and they definitely deserve their “pizza.”

But also, did I mention these things are complicated? We’re pushing out a quick hotfix today to fix a few things related to all of this work:

  • When users were in Dark Mode, the account selection screen did not look amazing. It was pretty tough to read, so we pushed out a fix to make the text higher contrast along with some changes to the background color.
  • We also fixed the ability to unlink previously linked Cash accounts that have been updated